Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Haygoods May 7, 2009 review

1st Half
As always they start out singing "Oh What a Night", and then Shawn sang "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" along with everyone else joining in. After these songs they were all introduced one by one. After everyone was introduced Tim started singing "Chicken Fried", and after this song they all joined in the song of "Seven Bridges Road" and for the last country song they sang "Devil Went Down to Georgia". After this set of songs the Blues Brothers (Michael and Shawn) came out and jumped around and sang "Shout", they were full of energy tonight. After the Blues Brothers came the instrumental songs, which were "Eleanor Rigby" and since Dom wasn't in the show, they didn't do "Bohemian Rhapsody", but instead they played "Amazing Grace". After these two songs came the Irish songs and they did "Irish Washerwoman", "Danny Boy", and Matthew didn't sing his Irish song. After the Irish songs, Aaron sang "Good Love", Shawn sang "Love the one You're With", Patrick sang "Twist and Shout" and Matthew sang Dom's song "I'm a Believer" and he was really good. That is all that happened in the first half of the show.

2nd Half
In the second half they started with the song "Come and Take a Free Ride" and after this they sang "My Girl" in which Shawn took the place of Dom and Michael still played his part. After "My Girl", Michael played "Johnny B. Goode" that was awesome and then after Michael, Patrick played "Great Balls of Fire" and he still had the fire come out of the piano at the end of the song, he is still good at it. After these songs came the love songs of the show. Aaron starts off sitting on the piano and reads his list and after he reads number 2 "Never go to bed angry" he then says "Loves what makes the world go round" which the line really is "who wants to be angry, I don't want to be angry, do you want to be angry Pat", but Aaron messed up the line, it was funny. Aaron then sings his song "1,2,3,4" and after Aaron, Michael then sings his song "When You Say Nothing at All". After the love songs Aaron and Catherine come out and play the sax while Shawn and Tim tap dance. Then all the rest of the guys join in on the tap dancing. After the tap dancing Tim comes out and says "ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Haygoods Weight-Loss Program". After this they all play "Canon in D" which was really good. After "Canon in D" Tim says to the audience "Dominic had to be rushed to the hospital about 4 days ago, he's going to be alright. He's at home recovering right now, and that he thanked the crew and the guys and Cat and that they had 24 hours to make an entire new show, and that they added eight new numbers to the show". After saying this he mentioned that it took 11, 289 shows in 15 years to get their own theatre. For their ending song they sang "Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly", and Tim sang Dom's part of this song. The show was really good, but it would be better if Dom was there in the show, but once he recovers he will be back as soon as possible.

After the show
After the show was over my mom and I went to the lobby and I stood in line, and while I was in line I met Cheryl. She told me she was nervous to see the Haygoods and I was with her and she asked me to take pics of her and the Haygoods for her. She had a great time at the show and she hopes to see the show again when she comes into town again. I hope you all like this review, I had to watch the DVD to make sure I didn't miss anything, and yes I did buy tonight's show. Let me know what you all think of this review. I hope to see all of you or most of you at the show this year. Have fun reading.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Haygoods Christmas Show 2008

I know it has been a long time since I have been on here, but I finally got to see the Haygood Christmas Show Tuesday night. I have to say that the Christmas show this year is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! A little heads up, Tim is not in the show yet because of all the running around he has to do at MCC, November is the busiest month for them during the Christmas season. The Haygoods do the regular show in the 1st half, but they put it together where it is from the 1st and 2nd half of their summer show. The 1st half starts with How Sweet it is to be Loved by You, Temptations Medley, Bubbly, the blacklight song (I always forget what this song is), My Girl, Johnny B. Goode, Great Balls of Fire, The Blues Brothers routine, Eleanor Rigby, Amazing Grace, Danny Boy, Irish Washerwoman, I've Got My Mind set on You, and finally the tap dancing routine. I think that is all in the 1st half of the show. The 2nd half of the show is Christmas. I'm not going to remember all of the songs, but I will name a few of them that I do remember. Dominic does and instrumental on his saxophone by himself of the song Do You Hear What I Hear. Aaron and Catherine both sing Drummer Boy. Dominic does a FANTASTIC job with Mary Did You Know (make sure you bring a box of tissues for this song). Shawn does an upbeat version of the song Comfort and Tidings. Catherine plays the harp for the song O Holy Night or Silent Night, I forgot which, and Michael sings towards the end of the song. There are a lot more songs that I can't think of right now. Whenever I get a chance to go to the show again I will write down the songs. You all need to come and see the Christmas show this year. You will have a WONDERFUL time. I will be putting a few pics up from the show on myspace and on the message board. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. I hope you all have a goodnight and a great day tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Haygoods June 10, 2008

Tonight it was me, Ashley, and Julie. Julie is one of Ashley's friends who works at SDC (Silver Dollar City). We sat on the left side, row 3 (C), seats 21, 22, and 23. Before the show started we saw Annette and Joanna, they sat on the right side, front row, aisle seats. We were excited to see them. We all gave eachother hugs. It was time for the show to start and the first half of the show was GREAT as always. Whenever Dominic is talking to Catherine after she is done singing, Dominic goes and lifts the mic stand and the bottom part of it comes off, so he had Catherine hold it until he was done talking. Whenever Shawn and Michael are riding away off the stage on the segway, Michael as usual falls off, but as he does Shawn kind of leaps off and the segway falls on Michael and he couldn't get up, Johnny had to pick up the segway to let Michael go. These were hilarious in the first half. At intermission, me, Ashley, and Julie went down to Starbucks, and I was the first one down and I saw Jason sitting by the door on his laptop. We talked for awhile and waited for Ashley and Julie to get their drinks from Starbucks. I just stood by Jason and talked to him for a little bit, and he thanked me for getting a ticket for him also to get into SDC. So it is about 20 minutes later, so we had to head back upstairs for the show, and before we get to our seats Ashley and Julie both bought a hug bear, and then we stopped to talk to Annette and Joanna, and Annette showed us some pics that she had taken. It was time for the second half to start and that was a great part of the show also. After the show Annette, Joanna, me, Ashley, and Julie get in line to get autographs and pics, all I needed was Michael's autograph. I didn't take any pics of the show but I will probably take them thursday or friday. I also gave each of them a pic of me and whichever Haygood was with me. They all liked them. Patrick didn't come out so Annette, Joanna, and I went in search for him and we found him downstairs in one of the tour buses. When he was done Annette and Joanna got him autograph and a couple of pics. I gave him his pic of me and him, and he said that it was a keeper because he made a funny face in it. We all talked to Patrick for about 30 minutes give or take a few, and before we all left I got a pic of Patrick, Annette, Joanna, Jason, and me. I think this is the longest review I have written for a night at the Haygoods. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Haygoods June 8, 2008

This will be a kind of short review. Tonight it was just me and my mom at the show. We sat on the left side row 11 (L) seats 21 and 22. Before my mom and I went to get our seats we saw Timothy Haygood walking into the theatre as we just got up the stairs. It was great to see him. We didn't say hi because he was busy. The show started about 2 minutes late, so that wasn't too bad. The show finally started and a couple minutes into the show I see Tim sit in a seat a couple rows ahead of us, in an aisle seat. The first half was really good. At intermission, I went and changed out of my costume and into regular clothes. The second half started at about 9:16, and it was even better, in the first half during the streetlamp part all they sang was Blue Moon. After the show, I went and got autographs from Patrick and Michael because they were the only two I was missing on the poster and cd covers. After I got through the line my mom and I turn and I look ahead of me and see none other than Jason talking to Adam. We talked for a little while, and that was a surprise to me because I didn't even know he was there. I told him that Annette texted me and said that they were going to SDC on Wednesday and were wondering if I could also give a ticket to Jason, and so I said yes. This is about all that happened tonight, and I didn't get any pics because the batteries weren't charged. I hope you all liked this review. I guess this really wasn't a short review after all. Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Haygoods May 27, 2008

Tonight it was just me, Ashley, and Tiffany who went to the show. We sat in row B (2) seats 18, 19, and 20, on the left side. Whenever the show started the curtain opened and they started singing, but the lights didn't turn on, so it was about a minute after that the lights finally came on. The first half of the show was great as always and of course, but when they did the Accapella part all they sang was Blue Moon, I'm thinking because they started about 6 minutes late tonight. During the entire show they kept staring or just looking in our direction. Like I said the first half was great, and the second half was even better as usual. Whenever Dominic started Devil Went Down to Georgia, Patrick kind of came in a little late and Dominic almost lost his spot in the song. It was funny. Before they started to sing their last song of the night, Dominic announced that they will be staying for another year, but they will be at a new theatre, the Americana Theatre, which, as Patrick said is between The Baldnobbers and The Presleys, and that it is a big blue and white theatre. Dominic also said that they bought the place and are renovating it, putting in the lights, and doing all sorts of stuff. It will seat over 800 people and it doesn't have any stairs, this is what Patrick said when I asked him. After the show, Shawn and Patrick had to go down to the two buses downstairs, I got a hug bear and poster, had all of them sign them, and I got pics after the show with Catherine, Matthew, Dominic, Shawn, and Patrick, and Tiffany also got some pics. I hope you all liked this review, and if you haven't seen the Haygoods, you need to see them. I will put the pics up tonight, of tonight's show. I will put them on myspace and the message board for now. Thanks for reading.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Haygoods May 22, 2008

Tonight it was my mom and I at the show. We sat in row 20 (T) on the left in seats 22 and 23, but just before the show started, we moved to the left a couple of seats so we could see the show without tall people being in front of us. Tonight they also started about 7 minutes late, but I'm not complaining. The first half of the show was great, but when they did the 50's Accapella all they did was 'Blue Moon' and 'In the Still of the Night', Patrick and Michael didn't sing 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'. When it came to Shawn and Michael doing the Blues Brothers, before they start singing, the drummer, Dino, tosses Michael a candybar or something to eat, and he takes a bite and says "You people are starving for entertainment tonight", with his mouth full. It was hilarious. That is about all that happened for entertainment and laughs in the first half. At intermission I went and got myself a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino because I havn't had one for a while. The second half started and the whole thing was great. After the show my mom and I waited for them to come out, and I got my mom to get me to take a pic with her and Patrick, and herself with Dominic. The pics turned out really good. Whenever work slows down a bit more for me, I will get pics posted on myspace, facebook, and the message board as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Haygoods May 20, 2008

Tonight it was just me who went to the show. I sat in row 2 (B) seat 24 on the left side, the same exact seat as the May 9 show on Friday. The first half of the show was AWESOME. Everyone was all smiles and having a good time. As usual they played "Where's Waldo" with me. Of course Dominic was the first one to find me, then Patrick, Michael, Matthew, Shawn, and then Aaron and Catherine. I got some really good pics of the first half, I will have to post them up later because of work, but I will get them on the computer tonight and then post them tomorrow or sometime this week. The entire show was GREAT, and if you havn't seen it yet, you have to see it. Not much happened in the show, but Dominic found a My Girl who was really off her rocker, her name was Brenda from Lake of the Ozarks and she was funny, whenever Michael goes to sing to her, he pushes Dominic as usual, but Brenda kind of leans too far towards Michael and he ends up falling onto his knees and misses his part to sing, she was HILARIOUS and she kind of messed up Michael's hair. That is about all the entertainment they had, and at the end of the show when they sing God Bless the USA, they brought back the pyro-technics, where the flames shoot straight up a few feet behind them and I got a great pic of that. Anyways, I think I am rambling on, so I will get the pics up as soon as I can and I will post them on myspace, facebook, and some on the message board. Thanks for reading.