Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Haygoods June 10, 2008

Tonight it was me, Ashley, and Julie. Julie is one of Ashley's friends who works at SDC (Silver Dollar City). We sat on the left side, row 3 (C), seats 21, 22, and 23. Before the show started we saw Annette and Joanna, they sat on the right side, front row, aisle seats. We were excited to see them. We all gave eachother hugs. It was time for the show to start and the first half of the show was GREAT as always. Whenever Dominic is talking to Catherine after she is done singing, Dominic goes and lifts the mic stand and the bottom part of it comes off, so he had Catherine hold it until he was done talking. Whenever Shawn and Michael are riding away off the stage on the segway, Michael as usual falls off, but as he does Shawn kind of leaps off and the segway falls on Michael and he couldn't get up, Johnny had to pick up the segway to let Michael go. These were hilarious in the first half. At intermission, me, Ashley, and Julie went down to Starbucks, and I was the first one down and I saw Jason sitting by the door on his laptop. We talked for awhile and waited for Ashley and Julie to get their drinks from Starbucks. I just stood by Jason and talked to him for a little bit, and he thanked me for getting a ticket for him also to get into SDC. So it is about 20 minutes later, so we had to head back upstairs for the show, and before we get to our seats Ashley and Julie both bought a hug bear, and then we stopped to talk to Annette and Joanna, and Annette showed us some pics that she had taken. It was time for the second half to start and that was a great part of the show also. After the show Annette, Joanna, me, Ashley, and Julie get in line to get autographs and pics, all I needed was Michael's autograph. I didn't take any pics of the show but I will probably take them thursday or friday. I also gave each of them a pic of me and whichever Haygood was with me. They all liked them. Patrick didn't come out so Annette, Joanna, and I went in search for him and we found him downstairs in one of the tour buses. When he was done Annette and Joanna got him autograph and a couple of pics. I gave him his pic of me and him, and he said that it was a keeper because he made a funny face in it. We all talked to Patrick for about 30 minutes give or take a few, and before we all left I got a pic of Patrick, Annette, Joanna, Jason, and me. I think this is the longest review I have written for a night at the Haygoods. Thanks for reading.


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dappleddakota said...

I haven't had time to check blogs in awhile... but I'm glad I thought to check yours! ;)

Might as well be the Haygood blog instead of Liza's blog. =]

Nice to read about them when I'm suffering Haygood withdrawal. hahaha.

Keep having fun for all of us that can't go regularly!